Dave and Buster’s will host Pokkén Tournament location testing


Kevin Bachus, Dave and Buster’s Senior vice president of Entertainment and Game Strategy, announced via a Reddit AMA that the upcoming Pokkén Tournament from Nintendo and Bandai Namco Entertainment will be playable at certain Dave and Buster’s locations across North America.

Pokkén Tournament was released in Japan on July 16th, and it was unknown if the game would be seeing a release outside of Japan until now. Dave and Buster’s also hosted the Tekken 7 location test at certain locations (along with Round One) in July. “Candidly both NAMCO and I are more optimistic about that title and our typical guests than Tekken,” posted Bachus on Reddit.

Currently Pokkén Tournament features playable nine characters: Lucario, Machamp, Suicune, Gardevoir, Pikachu, Gengar, Weavile, Charizard, and Blaziken, There are eight different support characters that include Emolga, Fennekin, Snivy, Frogadier, Eevee, Lapras, Whimsicott and Jirachi. More characters to come later.

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