SDCC 2015: It is LA’s turn to Fear the Walking Dead


San Diego Comic-Con is the prime location for TV networks to unveil new series, since they have loyal fan bases all gathered into one place, and every single one of them wants to be the first to see the newest trailers, teasers, and interviews. AMC took advantage of this to debut its pilot episode for its upcoming spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead. Unlike The Walking Dead, it focuses on Los Angeles, the beginning of the outbreak and the transformation of our world. I was fortunate to have some private interview time with multiple members of the cast and crew.

In the original The Walking Dead, everyone is in shock of the decomposing terrors that shamble towards them. With Fear the Walking Dead, the outbreak is so new that the reanimated dead have yet to start decomposing, with no obvious signs of being a threat. We will also see the unfolding of society from multiple viewpoints from different social status. They also touched on about how the world is a different place, and how thanks to the Internet, everything that happens can often feel surreal. It’s an amazing thing to think about how one day we are focused on Ebola, and then something else in the news comes up and a majority of the planet goes about its business and forgets about the catastrophe before.

While speaking with the actors, one of the challenges they faced was the fact that the audience knows more than them since we have already seen into the future of the world with the original show. The production staff drew lots of inspiration for the unique style of Fear the Walking Dead from multiple sources, such as Hitchcock’s distinction between suspense and surprise. They also drew from Philip Kaufman’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers for building up the suspense using the constant paranoia of not knowing who you can trust.

The actors also gave their views on what it’s like shooting in the diverse background of LA. Unlike the other show that takes place in Atlanta, which is full of wilderness, LA is a concrete jungle that varies depending on what area you are in. The environment can change suddenly without you even knowing. The show is also going to be tackling the traditional concepts of humanity as society starts to crumble such as trust, the sense of community, and of course morality.

“LA is a unique city in a sense of.. you drive a mile in any one direction and you’re in an entirely different neighborhood, with different ethnic and socioeconomic factors. It’s exciting in one way; on the other hand when things start to break down, it adds to the sense of isolation and how well do you really know your neighbors,” said director and executive producer Adam Davidson.

Due to way the story will be unfolding, early on the characters will be juggling their focus on more than just survival, unlike the Walking Dead where most families have been separated. The new cast will still have their everyday family problems that most deal with on a day-to-day basis. Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis), for example, will be dealing with his own teenage son’s rebellion and his new love interest, Madison Bennett (Kim Dickens). This seemed like it may get a bit messy, so when asked about the motivation and what will ultimately be driving their characters, Curtis had this to say:

“[I’m trying] to pull my family together because I have an ex, teenage son, and a new love with teenagers of her own.”

Being an avid fan of The Walking Dead and seeing what I have seen so far, it makes me hopeful for the new show. I am genuinely excited to see how everything is going to play out in the coming months and what distinctions we will see between the original series and this new show’s storyline.

Check out the Fear The Walking Dead trailer from Comic-Con below and let us know what you think.

Fear the Walking Dead premieres this August on AMC.

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