Vocaloid (Engloid) RUBY announced

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All Vocaloid fans, get ready for the launch of a new idol: RUBY. Voiced by Misha, the vocalist made a special appearance at the Vocaloid cosplay gathering at Anime Expo this year, along with Fusion Network for their Real Future section. Get ready for October!

RUBY is an English Vocaloid developed by VocaTone and others for VOCALOID4. She reportedly has one of the larger voicebanks, and as her voicebank is coming from an American, she will be devoid of the usual vocal quirks many of the previous Vocaloids possess, in terms of attempting to speak English. On vocaloid wikia there is an amusing list of words and phrases she now can say, some of which aren’t exactly the most clean (LOL). More details to come in the future!


Misha provides the voice bank for RUBY

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