SDCC 2015: Learn to survive the ‘Colony’


USA is premiering a new show this fall where humanity and its morality will be challenged to its very core. Set in the near future we are confronted and colonized by a force that has only been described as invaders of a stronger power. It has not been revealed what they will be or possibly who they may be. The creators have even joked about them being Canadians during panels at Comic-Con.

During my time at a press round table with Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal, they refused to give away any details about our invaders because he wants the audience to learn at the same pace as the characters. He spoke about how the whole human civilization will have to question their morality in extreme ways.

Main characters are portrayed by Josh Holloway, a retired federal agent, and his wife Sarah Wayne Callies, both survive the initial genocide from the invaders who targeted anyone who would be a threat to their hostile occupation. The producers have related it to when Nazis occupied France, because our invaders didn’t come in just to destroy our territory; they came with the purpose of utilizing our resources for themselves for whatever they have been planning. Certain people instantly enlist within the opposing side such as Peter Jacobsons character, who is initially seen as an evil person for his actions as well as the hard decisions he had to make to save himself and others.  

The trailer has finally been released, so check it out and let us know what you think. My guess If I had to make one guess is robots/cyborgs.

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