Official Deadpool trailer will be released online in 3 weeks


The leaked test-footage was all that people had seen of the merc with a mouth. That was until this year’s convention held the first panel for the Deadpool movie and revealed the very first trailer. It was meet with a standing ovation, and the crowd enjoyed it so much they played it again.

You can read a description of the trailer below.

“I love you Wade Wilson,” says Vanessa. Wade sarcastically implies cancer he’ll survive cancer. A sketchy scientist tells him “We can make you better,” and claims he can make Wade a super hero Wade wants to do right by his girlfriend. He doesn’t want a green super suit though! He calls the Doctor Posh Spice and calls the nurse a “less angry Rosie O’Donnell.” Then he’s sitting on top of a bridge and attacks the men in a truck he jumps into, straight out of the previously leaked footage but with a different song, not Gwen Stefani. He opens a window in a sideways truck and talks the men with guns pointing at him, saying, “This guy’s got the right idea, he wore the brown pants!” He kills them all, then Colossus smacks him into a car. Negasonic  Teenage Warhead introduces herself and Deadpool says, “What the sh–! That’s gotta be the coolest name ever!” “F— Liefeld” says Deadpool. Weasel makes jokes about Reynolds f—ed up face and Wade claims to look “like a testicle with teeth.” DMX plays the whole time. Deadpool twists off of a car and kills three guys with one bullet before sniffing the smoke from his guns and saying, “I’m touching myself tonight.”

After the panel, a few leaked cam versions of the trailer were released online and fans began to demand that the trailer get officially released. Ryan Reynolds announced on his Twitter that in three weeks we can expect an official Deadpool trailer to be released.

Deadpool is set to be released February 12, 2016. You can watch the full Hall H panel with the cast and crew of Deadpool in the video below.

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