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We have all had that moment of panic. That moment when you accidentaly hit that SEND button on an email when you weren’t ready. Maybe you sent it to the wrong person. Maybe you caught an embarrassing typo. Worse of all, maybe it was an email that was never supposed to go out in the first place of you just blowing off steam. Well, Gmail users don’t have to fret anymore because Google has now introduced the “Undo Send” option to the general population.

Avid Gmail users know that the option to undo sending an email is not new. In fact, the option has been available to Gmail users since 2009 as an experimental download from Google Labs. Google recognized how popular (and potentially career/relationship saving) the feature is and released it as a standard function Monday morning.

To turn it on, simply click the “Settings” button under the gear icon and choose your cancellation time period. Users can select as little as 5 seconds or, if they really don’t trust themselves, as high as 30 seconds. Users who had previously downloaded the option from Google Labs will have their preferences automatically turned on.

What do you think about this new feature? Will you be using it? Keep the conversation going in the comments below.

Source: LA Times

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