Pac-Man’s newest glitch in Super Smash Bros pulls the floor from under your opponent


Do you remember hearing the words, “Do you want to see a magic trick?” Well now Pac-Man can show you the ultimate trick ever as a new glitch has been found in Super Smash Bros. which has Pac-Man’s opponents falling through the ground without ever touching them, leading almost instantly to instant death.

The glitch has been nicknamed the “trampoline stage drop” by Smashboards and is activated by using Pac-Man’s UP + B  move. It creates a trampoline that Pac-Man uses to leap higher into the air. If an opponent steps on the trampoline or is anywhere on it, then Pac-Man can create another trampoline under him, causing the original trampoline to disappear immediately. That is when the horror (or hilarity) ensues as the character standing on it will appear under the stage (as if they just teleported to the bottom, or the rug was pulled out right under them revealing a trap door).

You can imagine Nintendo isn’t happy about it as players will be complaining about how trolls will be abusing the move online. You won’t see the move being used in tournaments.

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