Look forward to cross-dressing FFVII’s Cloud and reason behind remake announcement

Never fear, fans! All of Final Fantasy VII‘s quirks will remain in the remake, as character designer and director Tetsuya Nomura announces.

As you probably all know, Final Fantasy VII is finally getting a remake, as Sony announced at E3. While the game, by nature of its storyline and concept, is dark and carries a rather serious atmosphere, the light-hearted aspects, such as Cloud’s cross-dressing, will remain one of the features fans can still look forward to. This time in HD quality with realistic CGI looks. LOL.

Maybe he’ll look like this?


On a more serious note, the announcement for the remake of Final Fantasy VII was actually intended to sway more gamers over to the new PS4 console, as Nomura admits. Even the Kingdom Hearts 3 and World of Final Fantasy game announcements were intended for this particular move. By announcing all these titles now, they are hoping to reassure gamers that the PS4 will still be worth their purchase.

Time to see those sales skyrocket as the FFVII remake hits the shelves! Keep an eye out for a release date!

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