E3 2015: Turtle Beach is always a winning choice in audio


Its E3 week yet again, and today we have a small preview of what Turtle Beach has in store for you hardcore gamers. We have wireless headphones, updated wired headphones, miniature amplifiers, and something a bit from left field called HyperSound Clear. So let’s get started.

Last year, Turtle Beach showed off their first truly wireless headset for Xbox One. Now you may be thinking that there are several “wireless” headphones out there, but that’s not totally true. Most competitors’ “wireless” headphones still use a cable to connect with the gamepad, which is not the case with Turtle Beach’s Stealth 500X headset.


This year, the lineup is expanding with the Stealth 420X, offering a lot of the same technology as the 500X, but at a much lower price point. For those of you keeping count, the 420X is the third fully-wireless headset available for Xbox One. The Ear Force Stealth 420X features an adjustable and removable mic boom with mic monitoring, and separate volume controls for game and chat audio. The rechargeable battery is said to deliver up to 15 hours of wireless game play for long or multiple gaming sessions or tournaments. The Stealth y420X will be available on July 18 at $180. For your hard earned cash, you’ll get features like an “invisible mic” that uses two microphones hidden in the headset to simulate a physical boom mic. The 420X also features Turtle Beach’s patented “Superhuman Hearing,” that when active, amplifies only soft sounds like footsteps or shell casings hitting the floor, giving the gamer a small edge versus their opponents.

The Ear Force PX24 is next on the list; it will include an innovative in-line amplifier, the Ear Force SuperAmp. This amp may be tiny, but it packs some pretty great features. It is battery-powered, and will boost the signal coming from the standard, non-powered headphone jack and put out premium features like Superhuman Hearing, virtual surround sound, and variable bass boost. The controls are easy to read and just as easy to adjust. And if you’re following recent gaming news, you should know that Microsoft will finally add standard 3.5mm headphone jacks to Xbox One controllers, making the PX24 a universal gaming headset that can plug into consoles, PCs, or mobile devices. The SuperAmp has three toggle settings for this, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can expect the Ear Force PX24 will launch later this year for $80.


Now we’ve saved the most interesting new tech for last, something from Turtle Beach not aimed at gamers but is great toward the hearing impaired. This new technology is called HyperSound Clear and is going to be marketed as a type of hearing aid for those that are starting to lose their hearing. Like something from military tech, HyperSound Clear uses thin panels to project narrow, controlled beams of sound that produce the effect of immersive, 3D audio. Where most speakers push out sound in waves that spread outward into the room, HyperSound Clear focuses sound like a spotlight or laser. This technology resembles 3D TV’s where you have to be in the sweet spot to get the perfect picture. With 3D TV’s, this may be annoying to anyone else in the room, but with sound, this means you can hear everything going on and not have to have the sound blasted to max. Another great feature, is that this system connects directly into your existing sound system or can completely replace it. Best of all, the HyperSound Clear system is programmable. For those that have begun to lose their hearing, a doctor can fine tune the system for their specific needs.

Looking toward the future, gamers could have a HyperSound Clear setup to be fully immersed in the game, but still be able to hear everything around them and not tune out everything. Better yet, gamers could be enjoying their game to the fullest without turning the living room into a warzone, a race track, or karaoke bar. While the price point for this system is not cheap, probably in the $1,000-$1,500 range, it is geared toward people suffering from degrees of hearing loss.

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