E3 2015: Nyko reveals its latest accessories for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more

In 2015, Nyko is giving gamers more of what they need: storage room by way of Data Banks, a Type Pad for Xbox One, a Modular Charge Station for PlayStation 4, and the Cygnus for Android. Pretty much everything a gamer wants and needs.

Gamers won’t argue that current gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will eat up the built-in storage pretty quickly. Not only do disc-based games all download to the hard drives, but each system has its own free games monthly. All of this is making it hard for gamers on a budget to pick and choose what stays and what gets re-downloaded later.


Nyko has a better idea called the Data Bank. You may be familiar with the PS4 Data Bank that just released. As it is, you can already replace/upgrade the hard drive in the PS4, but only with rather expensive laptop hard drives. Not to mention that for now, those laptop hard drives max out at about 2TB. Nyko’s Data Bank now gives gamers the option to use a large PC hard drive (3.5”) that costs far less, and gives gamers access to a massive amout of storage, going well beyond 3TB of space. Nyko now has that equivalent available for the Xbox One that expands the built-in storage. While 3.5” hard drives are maxing out at 8TB now, Nyko recommends that you stay in the 3TB area to not slow down performance. The PS4 Data Bank is available now for $39.99 and the Xbox One version will sell at the same price point later in the year.

Nyko xbox one kyeboard

Still for Xbox One, Nyko has a new Type Pad giving you a full QWERTY keyboard with a mini analog nub. It attaches nicely to the bottom of the controller and allows you to chat with friends without having to pull up the on screen keyboard or fumble through typing with the controller. With the added analog nub, you can also navigate menus easily while typing. Best of all, the Type Pad draws its power from the controller, so no need for extra batteries. You can expect the new Type Pad for Xbox One toward the end of the year. and should sell between $29.99 – $34.99.

nyko ps4 pack

Next up on the PlayStation 4, Nyko has a new modular charging station with USB pass-through. Last year, Nyko had a battery pack for the DualShock 4 that doubled your game time. This year, they’ve created a simple and clever charging station. The charging station comes in both black and white, connects directly to the USB ports on the front of the PS4, and sits on top of the console. You can then set up to two controllers on top to charge them. Toward the back of the charging station, you have two USB ports ready for more peripherals as well. You can expect the updated Modular Chagrining Station toward the end of the year for $19.99.

nyko cygnus_controller2Finally, we have the Cygnus for Android. This super comfortable controller will work any android device, giving you a console-like experience for your mobile games. The Cygnus will require two AA batteries, but I didn’t get a clear answer for expected battery life. The Cygnus does closely resemble an Xbox controller, and feels great in your hands. I had a chance to test it out and had no issues getting into the games. You can expect the Cygnus some time in 2015 for $24.99.

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