Darth Vader taking care of business in Star Wars Rebels clip


Star Wars Rebels season 2 will start in just a couple more days and we get to see a small teaser of what’s to come. Here we see Darth Vader coming out from the bottom of some AT-AT parts. It looks like he was buried there. As usual thought, a few parts will not stop Darth Vader from scaring off a few Rebels. You can see he does not need any help handling them and he sends them running away.

He is going to be a big player in the upcoming season and is voiced by none other than the man himself, James Earl Jones. Having seen the first two episodes during Star Wars Celebration: Anaheim,  I can tell you that there are more surprises coming up and a few people from the previous season to come in play.

Star Wars Rebels season 2 will air on June 20th on Disney XD. It will be a 1hour stand alone episode and the rest of the season will air during its Fall lineup.

Sourc: IGN

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