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Recently, pop culture has been obsessed with SCIENCE. Science, as well as being a geek, is the hottest thing to incorporate into our entertainment – TV, movies, books, and even, comic books. Do you love biological science? Do you love entertaining comic books? If you answered yes to both, then I have to introduce to you: BIOWARS.

You’re probably thinking this may be a biology lesson inside a comic book, and in a way – it is, but they place it in a interesting setting where you’re watching alien-like creatures battling it out. In Alexander Hawking’s case, his body contains a germ, given to him by his father, that was designed to annihilate the human immune system. He must stop at nothing to bring the information regarding the evil pathogen to the right people, while fighting against the pathogen in his own body. That’s where the biowarriors come in. The human body has defenses to protect itself and in this story, they have created them into actual warriors fighting against the germs.


In the comics, we are introduced to The Council of Mind who are basically the leaders to the body who sense a threat in the body and sends their messenger (through the nerve cells) to deliver the news to the B-Cells squad’s leader Blastor. Working with the Natural Killing Cells (who are willing to kill their own allies, if infected) and the Macrophages, they take on the infection inside the body. We learn more about each division and what each team does. The characters – consisting of a supreme council, defenders, messengers, intelligence officers, and healers – are pretty serious for the most part, except Humron (B-Cell warrior) who is pretty funny.

We are also introduced to some humans including the host where the biowarriors live – Alex Hawking. Hawking is a regular kid who never lived up to his father’s potential. One night, he finds his father dying from a biological agent and is given a task to expose the people who killed him. He then infects his son with the pathogen “designed to annihilate the human immune system: a more efficient and untraceable version of an assassin’s bullet.” He teams up with a reporter who wants to catch her big break by exposing this deadly germ, as they run away from the company who created it and will stop at nothing to silence them.


Created by Gabriel Shaoolian and written by Marvel’s Mark Powers, BIOWARS allows you to learn a little bit about the human body while reading the story of warriors fighting the good fight. The story is also really interesting because it adds the human element to the storyline. It’s not only about the war between the body, but also beyond that outside of the body for the human host. We get to see parallel battles happening at the same time.

All in all, you’re getting a biology lesson while reading an action adventure story and enjoying beautiful artwork. Who says learning wouldn’t be interesting?

All of the BIOWARS comics (9 issues) are available online FREE here.

For more information on the comics and the new app, based on the comic, click here.

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