Bandai secretly reveals Power Ranger exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con


Bandai revealed a teaser for its upcoming San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. While the images are darkened out to an extent, it is actually easy to see what the three out of the four items are.

Starting from the top left, it looks like Bandai will be releasing the White Ranger Tokyo Vinyl. (The Red Ranger was released at New York Comic-con in 2013, and the Green Ranger at San Diego Comic-con last year.) On the bottom left we see more Mighty Morphin Power Ranger keys. While it’s unknown which versions these will be, it will be a nice addition to those who try and collect all of the ranger keys.

The top right will be the one all White Ranger fans are going after with the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger Legacy Saba Die-Cast Sword Replica. The Legacy Saba is rumored to be both black and gold featuring 24k gold plating similar to previous SDCC releases.

Finally the last one is unknown at this time. Can you guess what it is? For more information Bandai is planning on making the reveal soon on their website and Twitter using the hashtag #BandaiExclusiveReveal.

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