Fallout 4: What we know about Vault 111 and Boston


After years of anticipation it’s finally here: Fallout 4 has finally been ‘officially’ announced. The first official trailer clocks in at 3 minutes and features both the haunting music and post-apocalyptic visuals we have come to expect from the series. True to form the trailer features narration from Ron Perlman and of course the classic tagline: “War.. War never changes.” As the Internet digests the trailer, my initial take away from the trailer is that we are in fact in Boston and we are once again a Vault Dweller from Vault 111

Vault 111


We can take all sorts of shots in the dark as to the exact specifics of the plot and setting of the game, but one thing to take note of in the trailer is that we are assuming the role of a new Vault Dweller from Vault 111. Not too much is known about Vault 111 currently, but from Fallout 3 we were told that Vault 112 was the last one created by Vault-Tec and featured a virtual reality simulator and cryogenics system. Basically this was the place in the Fallout 3 where we experienced the Tranquility Lane story arc in the main quest. Assuming the Vaults were built in numerical order that would mean that 111 was the second to last vault built and that it may too have utilized similar technology to 112. (The Fallout Bible #1 has 122 Vaults being built.) The trailer used the contrast of locations before and after the nukes dropped so it’s very possible that we will either be having flashback sequences or more simulations.

Boston (The Commonwealth)

Although we don’t know much about Vault 111 we do know that its location is in Boston. The most obvious evidence of this is the Paul Revere statue that shows up in the trailer. Boston in the Fallout universe is referred to as “The Commonwealth”. In the Commonwealth there are two known factions: The Institute and the Railroad. The institute is a group of scientists who possess the ability to create AI and androids that are capable of passing as humans. If you want to replay a storyline in Fallout 3 that will most likely connect the most closely with Fallout 4, it’s called: The Replicated Man. The Railroad is a group of people who try and free the sentient androids from their masters.

fallout - 01

Knowing what we do thus far we can imagine there will be a lot of moral decisions in the game that deal with slavery, and what we consider to be life. One main character from Fallout 3, Dr. Madison Li, was said to have traveled to the Commonwealth after the purifier is activated in the main quest. Dr. Li was the female doctor who worked closely with your father on project purity. This can be a character that will directly link both the past game and the new one.

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