Live for the hunt: Man at Arms makes Predator blades

predator man at arms

The time for hunting Xenomorphs is now upon us!

The guys over at Man At Arms: Reforged have created one of the most beautiful killing devices in cinematic history: Predator’s Retractable Blades!

I like these guys. They’re a group of Blacksmiths who create real weapons for movies and television. They show you a majority of the process of creating all these weapons (some of which you have to see to believe, especially since some of these swords and weapons were incredibly difficult to make in the olden times). It’s really cool to see all the work and dedication that goes into these creations. This time, they’ve tackled the Predator’s retracting gauntlet blades. They even show them using the weapons against fruits and such at the end! You can check out the video down below.

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