Beware my power! Green Lantern possibly coming to the DCTVU?

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For those of you who are fans of The CW’s current run of superhero shows, The Flash and Arrow have both delivered some grandiose television lately. Arrow has done some incredible things with its current season and the Flash’s freshman year couldn’t be any better…or could it?

Spoilers from last week’s episode of the Flash below. If you haven’t caught up, turn away NOW!!!

During last week’s episode, “Rogue Air,” Barry had to use Captain Cold’s cold gun (along with Captain Cold of course) to keep some rogues in check after having to transport them to Oliver’s private island prison on Lian Yu. They had to deliver them to Ferris Aircraft, which is currently deserted at the moment. When Captain Cold asks why, Barry non-chalantly says “A Test Pilot disappeared.” Now for many of you who are DC fans, we all know who exactly Barry was talking about, and it’s none other than our favorite fearless space cop, Hal Jordan. In the DCU, when Abin Sur crashes on Earth, he sends his ring to find one “worthy” of its power. During a test flight, it seeks out Hal Jordan and brings him, along with a jet he was test-piloting for Ferris Aircraft, straight to the dying alien. It is there that he is transported to Oa after Abin Sur passes and begins his training. So what does this mean? Maybe nothing. Maybe just an Easter egg. Or…

Rumors have been making rounds that the CW has “been making preparations” to bring Green Lantern to the small screen. As a TV show, we don’t know, but there were rumors that Oliver’s best pal John Diggle (David Ramsey) may have actually been John Stewart this entire time. That has since been debunked, however the constant mentions of Coast City (where GL hails from) and Ferris Aircraft in both shows prove they haven’t forgotten about our Emerald Enforcer. So how should they proceed should Green Lantern get the “Green Light?” In my opinion…don’t give him a show.

Green Lantern and the Lantern Corps (Not just the Green Lanterns by the way, but ALL of them) aren’t exactly TV friendly. What I mean is since a lot of stories take place on other worlds throughout the galaxy and other sectors, The Green Lantern of Sector 2814 wouldn’t financially be viable in the current TV budget. (Just ask the CGI animators who did Grodd just how long it took for his renders and you’ll see why an ENTIRE TV series wouldn’t make best for most impatient viewers.) Not to mention the flying around and CGI characters that would have to be created to make the show true to its roots.

So then how does GL actually get to TV? By making him a guest star in not just Flash or Arrow, but ALL the DC shows (Yes, this includes the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow and of course, Supergirl). This way, everyone gets a Hal Jordan that works in the universe without actually breaking the bank in terms of locations. He could swoop in and help Oliver (of whom he is VERY good friends with in the comics) when needed, as well as Barry (also a very good friend) and he could certainly help out Atom, White Canary and Hawkgirl, to name a few, all while helping to build up the eventual Justice League TV show (we know it’s coming…come on…we know).

What do you think? Should Green Lantern come to the CW and shine his light of hope amongst all who need it? Or should Hal be better left in the sidelines until finances catch up and we can get a proper GL TV show? Sound off below!

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