Supergirl’s outfit will evolve from skimpy to modest in CBS series

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CBS has already revealed the Supergirl outfit for the upcoming series earlier this year. The photo of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl had a cape, skirt, boots, and padded tights. The blue and red colors are darker, and she’s wearing stockings. In the comics, her recent popular outfit was more revealing, since we could see her legs and stomach, and the outfit was very skin-tight.


Some fans may be disappointed with the modest look but with the new first-look video that was released, the show pays homage to the comic book outfits.

supergirl 1

We see a version where she’s wearing tight booty shorts and a short top, exposing her midriff. This version of the outfit pays homage to her comic book outfit where her stomach is showing. One thing is certain, Benoist has a very sexy body.

supergirl 2

Later in the video we see another version that resembles more of her classic look, sans cape and the S symbol. In addition to that, she’s not wearing stockings and red thigh-high boots.

supergirl 3

To complete the outfit, she now wears stockings and a cape, and the S symbol is added. And just like the Man of Steel movie, the symbol represents her family.

There’s a scene in the video that shows her getting shot at. The bullets do no harm to Supergirl, and it looks like her outfit is also bulletproof. If that’s the case, maybe Batman should invest in that suit.

Which version do you prefer? The skimpy booty short version, the no-stocking look, or the final look?

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