Xbox Games with Gold in May include Mafia II and Castle Storm

mafia 2

It’s another month with another batch of free games for the Xbox faithful, and yet another month the early adapters of the Xbox One get the shaft. I know, I know. Boo Hoo! “The free games aren’t good enough.” This is definitely a first world problem but dammit I paid good money for my Xbox One and I really want to be excited for the Games with Gold. Well enough of my complaining regardless of opinion, we have free games to announce so let’s get to it.

Xbox 360 users can look forward to Mafia II, available May 1st through May 15th. Mafia is a 2010 game by 2K Games that launched with mixed reviews. It’s loaded with the 1940s gangster narrative and has the Grand Theft Auto-esque play style. It’s safe to say in this game you will be able to drive awesome old-school cars, whack rival mobsters, and maybe even get the papers, get the papers. Mafia II was also praised for its Hollywood movie-style cinematics. The game’s ESRP is $19.99, so I’d say free is pretty good.

i'll get the papers

You are in luck if you like racing games because F1 2013 is the second free game for the Xbox 360. (The second half of May from the 16th to the 31st.) It was a game given lackluster reviews from critics and reviewed even lower by gamers. It’s developed by the experienced racing game devs who brought us DiRT, Fuel, and GRID. This is a game I’m sure people will either be very excited to download or care none whatsoever.

castle storm

And now the leftovers… Both Xbox One titles will be available the entire month. The first, more interesting game that is being made available is Castle Storm Definitive Edition. This is a Microsoft Studios game that is a mixed of tower defense and Angry Birds. It’s cartoony, wacky and looks like it might actually be fun for a day or two.

The last game is yet another month of Pool Nation FX… I have nothing to say about this game that I didn’t say in last month’s Games with Gold article.

Free is free so l guess I’ve done enough complaining for all of us. Well those are the games, what do you think, Internet? What are you looking forward to?

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