Exclusive: Behind-the-scenes pics of Stan Lee Cameo School

NR stan lee cameo school - 01

Kevin Smith really knocked it out of the park working with Audi and Stan Lee to create a pretty darn funny promotion video, which featured Stan “The Man” Lee instructing famous actors on the art of the cameo. The team pulled together a great ensemble cast featuring Sharknados‘ Tara Reid, Guardians of the Galaxy‘s very own Michael Rooker, the Incredible Hulk himself Lou Ferrigno, and Jason Mewes from Jay and Silent Bob. The video was released early this morning and is already going viral. We have obtained some awesome behind-the-scenes pictures of the cast working on the two-minute short promotional film for Audi that you can check out below.

NR stan lee cameo school - 02 NR stan lee cameo school - 03 NR stan lee cameo school - 04 NR stan lee cameo school - 05

By the looks of it, this project was a blast to work on, and it really came through in the end. I don’t know about the rest of you, but it’s stuff like this that gets me even more pumped to go see the Avengers: Age of Ultron this weekend!

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