The Joker won’t have tattoos in Suicide Squad?


Suicide Squad director David Ayer recently tweeted a photo of Jared Leto as the Joker for the character’s 75th anniversary. This lead to many fans going crazy about the new look, and not in a good way. Some gripes included the types of tattoos and the metal teeth that he had. Now if this new report is accurate, then critical fans have nothing to worry about.

MoviePilot reported that industry insider Gabriel Gray has tweeted that the version we saw was a promotional photo for the 75th anniversary of the Joker character since his inception in the comic books.

gabriel gray joker tweet

To add to the legitimacy of the comment, there were two leaked photos of Leto as the Joker. In one shot, we see a closeup of his profile, which looks like the “damaged” tattoo isn’t present. In another shot, we have him wearing a white suit, thanks to a photographer who snapped a photo of him sharing the image with another person.

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With the fans going nuts about the Joker’s look, it proves that the character is one of the most popular villains out there. If you weren’t a fan of the look, does this put you at ease?

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