Henry Cavill responds to who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman


Fans have always been arguing about who would win in a battle, Batman or Superman, for as long as the two characters have been popular. The debate will always go on. There is one side saying that Superman could easily defeat Batman in a split of a second. It doesn’t matter if Batman is wearing an armored suit, since the Man of Steel can easily crush the suit and deflect anything Batman can throw at him. Others would say that Batman would win, since he’s a genius who always likes to prep before battle.

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hitting theaters next week, we’ll get to see how they’ll portray the fight in the live-action arena. JoBlo asked Henry Cavill, who plays the boy scout, who he thinks would win in a battle.

“There’s no clear answer to that, obviously, as the comic books have explored [that] repeatedly. It depends on what frame of mind Superman’s in, really.”

He was then asked about why Superman wouldn’t just end a fight in just one second:

“Well, if Superman were Superman, he wouldn’t. And therein lies your answer.”

It looks like Cavill understands the Superman character.

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