Happy Wars coming to Xbox One friday, no cross-platform

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The Xbox 360’s original freemium title from Toylogic will finally hit the Xbox One Marketplace this Friday April 24th. The game was originally launched in 2012 and was the first of many free-to-play Xbox games that would spawn on the console the following few years. This new release was originally touted to have cross platform play between Xbox 360 and Xbox One; it turns out that will not be the case.

Happy Wars is a class-based multiplayer online battle arena where two large teams of players clash on a colorfully stylized map and try to penetrate each other’s castles. The game is technically free, but as per the norm, players can invest their future children’s college fund in exchange for goofy costumes, overpowered weapons, and horse armor. Of course you could grind out all the same gear with many, many hours of grinding for in game currency but that is the nature of the freemium beast.

Some of the positives coming from Toylogic to the Xbox One version of Happy Wars is that all of your progress and unlocks from the 360 version WILL carry over to the Xbox One. Also the Xbox One version will include all of the additional contents and updates from the latest version of the game released on the 360. Toylogic has also said that we can expect some enhancements to the game of the graphicular persuasion with better effects, lighting, and textures. If couch co-op is your bag, you will also be getting up to four players split screen on the Xbox One version of the game, a feature that devs seem to have forsaken the past decade. The positive enhancements are good and all, but for those of us who remember the original versions launch should just be hopeful that Toylogic have learned from past launch mistakes particularly with the matchmaking.

Among the negatives for this re-launch of Happy Wars was the fact that the game will not be cross platform as originally announced. This hurts the already flailing player base on the Xbox 360 version of Happy Wars, who I’m sure were looking forward to trouncing the fresh batch of new Happy Wars players. Clearly it will receive an influx of new players and reinvigorated attention, the only question is how much? The game is already about three years old and while achieving pretty good success, it’s hard to imagine the game will even come close to recapturing a fraction of its peak popularity from the previous generation, but who knows.. The depth of games on the Xbox One today isn’t nearly what it was on the 360 in 2012.. So what do you think, Internet? Are you stoked for Happy Wars on the Xbox One??

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