James Earl Jones returns as Darth Vader in Star Wars Rebels Season 2


The hit Disney XD show, Star War Rebels, held a panel over the weekend and revealed some insight on what to expect from this upcoming season. The show left off with a massive tease to the involvement of Darth Vader and from what we learned from the show’s panel and press conference, fans can expect to see a lot more of the Sith Lord.

Showrunner David Filoni revealed during the press conference that James Earl Jones would return to voice Darth Vader in Season Two just as he did in the finale of Season One. Filoni stated that the team watched many of Vader’s battles in the Star Wars films in order to properly portray his fighting style in the series.

Show cast member Freddie Prince Jr. said during the panel that he believes that Kanan is far from ready to face Vader, but Filoni believes that Darth Vader vs Clone Wars fan favorite Ahsoka is inevitable.

“One of the things that [Geoge Lucas] and I sat down and had fairly lengthy discussions about was Ahsoka and Darth Vader. We forged a plan that basically was what she would know, what she didn’t know, what ways she would react, what he would think. So all these things that we may or may not cover, I know I’m basing them, deeply rooted, in all the things that we had kind of planned. So I was glad to have gotten this kind of backstory detail, so if a confrontation happens, it’ll be legitimate.”

Although Vader will be heavily featured in this season, Filoni wants fans to not expect Vader to be chasing the rebels every episode as he is far more superior to the show’s heroes.

“It’s tricky. I’ve said it in interviews – I don’t think our Rebels are a match for him, on any level. Our guys are like level three, maybe they got to level four this season. What’s Vader, like level 80? They’re not even rolling the same number of dice, for God’s sake. It’s not even close here. So it’s a challenge to write believable scenes, mainly from our heroes’ side, that you believe they could have any success in this next season because there are some very heavy hitters that have been brought in to deal with them. But that’s a good challenge.”

Are you ready to see Darth Vader vs Ahsoka? Star War Rebels airs later this year.

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