Blizzard’s Hearthstone now on mobile


Blizzard is one of the companies several of us at Nerd Reactor follow. If you’ve been an avid fan of Hearthstone and other of Blizzard games, you may have received an email noting that it’s now available for phones.

A number of you have had Hearthstone on your iPad, so this may not be news to you, but the rest of us who don’t have a tablet can now join in! For those unfamiliar with Hearthstone, it is a Digital Card Game in the tradition of the Trading Card Game based on the Warcraft franchise. Hearthstone allows you to buy booster packs and build your own deck built around a chosen hero. Once you’ve set everything you’re ready to go against other players and even special bosses that can yield unique rewards.

You can search for Hearthstone in your respective mobile stores, or go Hearthstone Downloads. It is available for PC/MAC, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Amazon devices.


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