Alternative gadgets to check out – Chargers, headphones, action cams and more

Gadgets make the world go round. Here are some new and alternative gadgets on the horizon for you to check out. These include golf simulator, headphones, action cam and more.

blue line monitor bridge sensor

Blue Line Innovations: PowerCost Monitor with Wi-Fi Bridge and Sensor

Want to check out how much energy an electronic device is costing you? Blue Line’s PowerCost Monitor will be able to report on devices and their energy usage. These are portable and wireless.

  • Enables personal real time electricity data to be fed to smartphone and web applications for anytime/anywhere access
  • Learn how and where you are using electricity in the home to make informed decisions to reduce usage and cost
  • Track your current and historical electricity usage
  • PC and Mac compatible with wireless configuration
  • Advanced data analytics, appliance level energy data, energy budgets and alert engines
  • Works with popular energy-saving iPhone apps including: PlotWatt, PeoplePower, myFreeMonitor and Bidgely

Available at:
Price: $179.00

optishot golf

OptiShot: Optishot Golf 2

Want to play a golf simulator? Check out Optishot Golf 2. The simulator is about the size of a briefcase and will track analytic and shot tracer from your golf clubs.

  • Works with every club in your bag, requires no elaborate set-up and is compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Sixteen precisely-tuned, high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors, each calibrated to track your favorite clubs, before, during and after contact
    Simulator transmits data to your Mac or Windows computer in real time after every swing
  • Tracks speed, tempo, club plane and hand path
  • Play Mode: the user selects from an exclusive course library which displays realistic 3D images of popular world-class golf courses with multiple camera views
  • Practice Mode: the OptiShot PinPoint will track and record progress
  • OptiShot Live feature allows users to play 18 holes against other golfers from down the street or across the globe without ever leaving their home

Available at: Optishot Golf
Price: $ 499.99

Patriot Memory Fuel Chargers

Patriot Memory: FUEL + Portable Chargers

Portable technology is here to stay, and what better way to keep the power going than a portable charger. Patriot’s FUEL + Portable Chargers is made for mobile devices.

  • FUEL+ Portable Charger as available in either a 6000 or 12000 mAh model for up to 4-8x more battery life
  • New model features smaller, more portable footprint with two USB power ports for simultaneous, same-speed charging of up to two devices and not sharing the same current.
  • Provides built-in protection to ensure efficient and safe charging cycles and includes power pass through technology that enables the battery to be charged when plugged into a USB or wall outlet while charging devices.
  • Over-temperature and humidity protection built-in which will not over heat your device

Available at:
Price: $49.99 – $79.99

Soul Electronics Run Free Pro

SOUL Electronics: Run Free Pro

Here’s a pair of headphones to check out if you love exercising with music. Soul’s Run Free Pro. It’s wireless and Bluetooth.

  • Guaranteed to stay on when active with the first interchangeable ear lock system for custom size and fit
  • Wind noise reduction technology allows runners to listen to music without wind interference
  • Features a sporty and fashionable waterproof design with up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Ergonomic remote control with integrated mic for music control and hands free taking
  • Available in two color options: electric blue and storm black

Available at:
Price: $129.00

swann driveeye cam

Swann: DriveEye Ultra HD Dash Cam/ Action Cam

If you ever end up in a car accident, then having Swann’s Drive Eye Ultra HD Dash Cam is going to be beneficial for you. Always have proof when you’re in trouble.

  • Full-HD 1080p 1920×1080 video recorder and 3 Megapixel Camera
  • G-Sensory Technology detects collisions and prevents overwriting footage
  • H.264 video compression technology for longer capture time and auto looping
  • 120-degree wide angle lens at 1080p (140 degree at 720p)
  • Built-in HDMI Output for easy viewing on any display
  • Automatic video stabilization eliminates jittery videos
  • Supports up to a 64 GB SD card for recordings up to 2000 minutes
  • Lithium ion battery for video recording when not connect to a power source

Available at: B&H and Fry’s
Price: $179.99 MSRP

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