Brian Bolland’s Joker trophy wall gets an accurate cosplay photo


The Joker is a pretty sadistic bastard. After causing a lot of controversy with the Batgirl variant cover, he’s back again with another piece inspired by Brian Bolland’s art. This time we have cosplayer Harley’s Joker (one of the best Joker cosplayers out there) giving us an evil smile as he sits in front of a wall filled with trophy heads from Batman and friends.

“Believe it or not, altogether roughly 45 photos were used in the final composition, 16 of which just for the Joker alone,” Misiano wrote on Facebook. “You’d never guess how much work really does go into it all.”

The photo took 50 hours to finish, and he said, “Nothing was plain and simple, honestly. But totally worth it, I’m very happy with the final result.”

The limited posters will be available for sale at his site.



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