Life Is Strange Episode 2 ‘Out of Time’ review: Everyone has limits

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Six weeks has already passed since DONTNOD and Square Enix launched the first episode of their new IP, Life is Strange. It received solid reviews around the web including a 4.5 out of 5 atoms from myself here at Nerd Reactor.

Episode 2, titled “Out of Time”, has finally been released and puts us back in control of Max, who now will begin to see the consequences of her ability to rewind time, her choices and the butterfly effect from the first episode. Depending on your choices, the second episode will determine the current state of affairs at Max’s school and those around her, whether friend or enemy.

Warning: Small spoilers ahead if you haven’t played the first episode.

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In the previous episode, you made tons of decisions; some that influenced right away, such as when you helped your best friend Chloe in many tight spots that she had gotten herself into. This episode focuses even more on the repercussions from your decisions, and this time Max is faced with less choices and chances to change how events will unfurl. The choices that you make carry even more weight than ever before. While the first episode focused on introduction of characters and setting up the story, episode 2 focuses on how it can tug on your emotional heart strings while questioning your moral standing.

Max and Chloe are experimenting with Max’s powers and trying to figure out the extent of her powers. It is here that Max starts realizing that her power is taking a bigger toll on her than she first realized, eventually leading to her blacking out. You’ll get to investigate and prepare, and results can be improved if you have taken the time to look around and inspect as many objects as you can find. This will become extremely crucial during the final act of episode 2 when Max is unable to rewind time and must convince someone from doing something truly terrible. The emotional tale is set up throughout the episode without being too obvious or telegraphed. The momentum and emotion of this scene truly show the depth and background of the characters, and depending on the outcome, it will change future events in a major way.

While episode 2 is a great addition to the story, it is a bit on the short side and there are fewer smaller decisions to affect the story. But where it lacks in quantity, it makes up in quality. Along with the important events and limits of Max’s powers, the butterfly effect is strong in episode 2 and after completing it, I imagine that future episodes are going to reflect this even more. The decisions made in this episode are harder than any previous decisions in the game, and with the pacing and storytelling so far, I personally cannot wait for episode 3.

If you haven’t played episode 1, you are missing out and should definitely be giving this new choose your own adventure game by DONTNOD and Square Enix a chance. With its hand-drawn artwork, emotional depth of characters, and your choices affecting the outcome, this game is a breath of fresh air to the genre.

Episode 1 released back in January for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, with each following episode on schedule to launch every six weeks. Each episode will set you back $4.99, or for $19.99, you can get the full five-episode package. In case you want to dip your toes in and try the game before shelling out for the full game, you can buy the season pass for $16.99 to get the rest of the game at a discounted rate after buying the first.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms


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