Vikings episode 306 ‘Born Again’ photos and preview

Vikings s3 V3_06_08062014_JH_06939

History has released photos and a preview for the upcoming Vikings episode, “Born Again”. Episode 306 will be airing this Thursday, March 26th, at 10 p.m. Check them out below!

Preparations for the Paris raid pick up pace, and Rollo ponders the Seer’s prophecy about his destiny. Ragnar is informed of Aethelwulf’s massacre at the settlement in Wessex, and Kalf arrives in Kattegat with some new allies and some familiar faces. Porunn and Judith both deliver children; but with new life there is also death.

Vikings s3 V3_06_08062014_JH_07027

Vikings s3 V3_06_08062014_JH_07200

Vikings s3 V3_06_08072014_JH_07420

Vikings s3 V3_06_08072014_JH_07487

Vikings s3 V3_06_08072014_JH_07554

Vikings s3 V3_06_08072014_JH_07573

Vikings s3 V3_06_08072014_JH_07695

Vikings s3 V3_06_08072014_JH_07789

Vikings s3 V3_06_08072014_JH_07873

Vikings s3 V3_06_08072014_JH_07889

Vikings s3 V3_06_08112014_JH_08345

Vikings s3 V3_06_08112014_JH_08685

Vikings s3_Athelstan_07172014_JH_00333

Vikings s3_Athelstan-Judith_07172014_JH_00281

Vikings s3V3_06_08112014_JH_08892

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