Sneak preview of the Death Note musical!


For those interested in getting a sneak preview of the performances for the Death Note musical later this spring, head over to Frank Wildhorn’s official website for a stream of a new video featuring the Japanese cast performing some of the songs from the musical.

The cast:

  • Dekiru Mononara by Light (Kenji Urai)
  • Death Note by Light (Hayato Kakizawa)
  • Koisuru Kakugo by Misa
  • Shi no Game by Light (Kenji Urai) and L
  • Orokana Ai by Rem
  • Seigi wa Doko ni Reprise by cast

The Japanese cast is as follows:

  • Light Yagami – Kenji Urai and Hayato Kakizawa
  • L – Teppei Koike
  • Misa Amane – Fuuka Yuzuki
  • Sayu Yagami – Ami Maeshima
  • Rem – Megumi Hamada
  • Ryuk – Koutarou Yoshida
  • Souichirou Yagami – Takeshi Kaga

Frank Wildhorn is an American composer known for songs by Whitney Houston and Natalie Cole, and will be scoring the musical.

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