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lovel up

As a guy who has uses Tinder, it’s a great app for meeting up with that special someone. However, since I’m a gamer, it’s hard to find that special someone who’s interested in video games, since many of them tend to love doing outdoors stuff…with their dogs! (Nothing wrong with that.) Now there’s a new app coming out soon called Lovel Up. It’s an app that gives gamers a safe, fun, and anonymous way to connect with other gamers.

Other dating apps are more focused on looks, and when one does go on a date, they meet in real life. With Lovel Up, you create an account and select an avatar that represents you. You then select the games that you are already playing. After that, the app sets two interested gamers up on a game date in an anonymous setting. If chemistry develops, they can then meet in person. The dating service is free and uses a proprietary algorithm for matching gamers with each other.

You can sign up for Beta at

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