The Walking Dead: Who are the Wolves?


The W symbol came up on a walker that Carol killed in the last episode. We had been seeing a lot of symbolism a lot lately. Carl found a comic book that said Wolf Fight a few episodes ago. A bunch of walkers have a W on their foreheads. Noah’s old community had “Wolves Not Far” written on the wall. Just who are these wolves?

walkingdeadSome theories:

  • The Scavengers – Since the Wolves are not in the comics, they can only guess that they are The Scavengers, a ruthless group of survivors led by a guy named Derek. They tried to storm the Alexandria Safe Zone, but failed.
  • The Saviors – Led by Negan, these guys are the definition of horrible. They would force communities to give them stuff for their “protection” from the walkers and from them. The group and the Saviors go on a full out war in the comics. I highly doubt creator Robert Kirkman would bring them into the season so soon, but it’s quite possible.
  • The Wolves are just a new group that Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple decided to create. “Enid” was found in the woods “when she was the last of her group”. She had the comic that said Wolf Fight and she leaves the Safe Zone here and there to go into the forest. Could she be some sort of mole?
  • The Wolves could symbolize a name given to the walkers, which is why the W was on the foreheads. Wolves Not Far could mean they were not far. It could be some twisted person drawing up the Ws on newly dead people before they reanimate.

We will find out more this season hopefully.

What are your thoughts?

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 pm on AMC.

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