Man builds Iron Man suit with 3D printer

Alright, people are getting more creative these days. I already knew that things were getting pretty intense when I began listening to how people made their cosplay, but when I heard someone made an Iron Man suit from a 3D printer, it was a whole different story.

Ross Wilkes, a 20-year-old from Birmingham, England, is the creator of this masterpiece below.

3D Printed Iron Man Suit

He purchased a 3D printer recently and made it his goal for 2014 to make his own suit. Ross told Yahoo Movies, “I just wanted to build the Iron Man suit for so long, so I’m glad I managed to complete it.”

The entire thing took him a total of 14 months with nonstop working. Printing, designing, and so much more went into this project and he spent nearly 11 hours a day putting together the entire thing. Not only did a lot of time go into this project, so did a lot of money. The printer itself was $1,250 and the materials cost about $615. No paint was used, either. He put all of his trust into the color of the plastic that he bought. Brave man.

The Iron Man suit art project stands at six foot and two inches tall, and weighs about fifty-five pounds. Although it looks entirely finished, Wilkes said that he is constantly looking for new ways to improve the suit and make it better and easy to wear. Next, he plans on making the entire Captain America suit. Soon enough, he’ll be 3D printing a Hulk suit.

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