R-rated Power Rangers producer’s James Bond fan film gets taken down

james bond adi shankar

Adi Shankar, the producer behind the R-rated Power Rangers fan film called “Power/Rangers,” has released a new fan film today called “James Bond: In Service of Nothing.” And like the Power Rangers fan film, this one has been taken down due to copyright claims from the IP owner.

Power/Rangers quickly became a viral video, showing us what the adult Power Rangers are up to. Saban, the rights owner, finally gave the okay and allowed the fan film to be made available online.

As for the James Bond fan film…we’ll find out if MGM will change its mind.

Here is what Shankar had to say about the James Bond fan film:

“I always wondered what would happen to James Bond in his old age and in our borderless world. I’m not referring to the Bond we’ve seen in recent films, that incarnation is closer to Jason Bourne meets Batman. I’m referring to the swanky, alcoholic, serial killer, with mommy issues that we saw in films like Dr. No and Goldfinger. How would he find a sense of purpose in a self absorbed and impersonal modern world once his license to kill has been revoked?”

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