Sony suffers data loss (again), this time for Japanese PS4 contest


There are only a few things that are certainties in life. Grass is green, water is wet, Sony will lose your data, etc. As Sony is still recovering from the media fallout of their most recent information leak, their Japanese PlayStation branch has reported that they have lost all info from a recent contest to win a 20th Anniversary PS4.

Japanese customers who purchased a Vita, PS3 or Ps4 from early December up until mid January were given a voucher’s code which they could use to enter the contest. To make matters worse, Sony also confirmed that the loss is permanent and that to re-enter the contest, users will need to either re-input their special code or complete a more complicated process involving their device’s serial number.

Thankfully, Sony has stated that personal information has been protected, which will come as a relief to those who had their credit cards compromised during the infamous PSN leak a few years ago. While this instance may seem trivial, it does make you wonder whether Sony should hire some cyber security consultants or hire an outside company to look after their data protection. Maybe their Norton anti-virus demo is expired or something.

You can find Sony’s official apology here.

Via IGN, GameFreaks


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