Original cast of Powerpuff Girls will not return for reboot


News came out earlier this month that Cartoon Network is planning to produce a reboot of the beloved cartoon Powerpuff Girls in 2016. So far, little is known about the new series, but word has just come out that the original cast will not be returning for the new show.

Voice actors Tara Strong, E.G. Daily and Catherine Cavadini were the hit trio that brought Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom to life. When the new show was announced, the voice actors received numerous messages on Twitter from fans wondering if they would be reprising their roles in the show. Sadly, they revealed that they have not been asked by Cartoon Network to return.

Tara Strong: I have not been asked
EG Daily: Wahh I haven’t either!
Catherine Cavadini: They haven’t announced any cast decisions yet as far as I know.

Fans were quick in response to the news with overwhelming support to see the voice actors return to their respective roles in the new show.

Tara Strong: Group hug to all the amazing, cute bestest fans ever!  EG Daily, Cat Cavadini and I are so grateful. Chemical X 4 all!

Unfortunately, Tara Strong would later confirm that Cartoon Network would be moving forward with an entirely different cast for the new Powerpuff Girls.

To all the sweet fans who keep asking, EG Daily, Cat Cavadini and I are officially NOT returning for Powerpuff Girls. We are sad, but wish them well. It was NOT a financial decision, strictly a creative choice by Cartoon Network. I’m sure it’ll be cute. Just not as cute as us.

Would you like to see original voice actors return in the new show?

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