The Burning Dead featuring Danny Trejo (movie review)


Danny Trejo is everywhere. That man works non-stop and he does seem to be doing anything from extreme low budget to blockbusters. Well folks The Burning Dead is no blockbuster; in fact, it’s an extremely low budget film once titled Volcano Zombies. In the vein of B movies and underground cult classics, expect gore, cheesy acting, and super cheap special effects that are good for a laugh.

Trejo’s role is more like a cameo. He opens the film as a Cherokee elder telling stories to some youths. The tales speak of zombies that were defeated and vaporized by a volcano in the 1800s. And guess what, the volcano has decided to become active today, and the evil spirits of said volcano decide to bring the zombies back to life. Yep. Campfire tales just like when I was in Girl Scouts.

So things explode, scientists banter, badly, and zombies are released. Here’s the rub. It’s exactly what you expect from a low budget horror film, but it doesn’t quite over exceed the cheese barrier to the point of being a cult classic. Unfortunately this is just another one of Trejo’s million films that I suspect will be lost in the shuffle. Although I do foresee the rather unattractive nude woman that was maimed in the film will make its way to the soup. But other than that I feel like this is a film easily forgotten and not really worth the effort of seeking out.

So unless RiffTrax is willing to make a mockery of this movie, I’d say watch something else. I’m sure there will be no lack of Danny Trejo films this year for the fans, but with a little more substance.

For those of you wanting to check this one out, it’ll be coming  your way this March 3rd On Demand, Digital Download, and DVD on April 7th.

Meanwhile I give it an atom for effort. And really that’s just because cult favorite Danny Trejo has a cameo.

Rating: 1/5 Atoms

NR 1 Atoms - F

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