Square Enix to release a Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade game

20150213_222813In 2009, Square Enix took the Final Fantasy series to a whole new stage in Dissida Final Fantasy for the PlayStation Portable. A prequel would follow two years later which added new playable characters and expanded the story. Since then the Dissidia series has been quiet, that is until now.

Square Enix has revealed a brand new Dissidia Final Fantasy game, and this one is being developed for the arcades. A brand new trailer for the game has been released which shows Final Fantasy III‘s Onion Knight, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Y’Shtola, Final Fantasy VII‘s Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VI‘s Terra Branford, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, and Warrior of Light from the first Final Fantasy with brand new 3D models that look amazing.

20150213_222856Aside from the new look, the new Dissidia game will also feature 3 vs. 3 battles. Square Enix will release more information on the game in April.

What other characters would you like to see added to the game?


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