Hasbro to release ridiculous customize-your-own Lightsaber set

635593064341142453-ConnectorsIf you happen to be one of the people pissed off at the crossguard lightsaber in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, prepare to be more enraged. At the New York City Fair this year, Hasbro brought out its new lineup of toys for the upcoming Star Wars film.

The toy manufacturer showed off many of its upcoming products for the highly anticipated film. One of them being a new set called the Star Wars Bladebuilder, where kids can put together any style lightsaber only limited to their own imagination.

“Star Wars is such a magical property and in particular the lightsaber is — and I think everyone would agree — the most iconic weapon of all time. This is the first time we’ve given kids the chance to customize through an entire system.”

635593062832106088-blade-buildersThe main Jedi Master Lightsaber set will run you $49.99 and comes with a lighsaber, two lightdaggers and various different connectors. You will be able to buy even more accessories for your Bladebuilder set, which are all connectable and interchangeable.

The toys are expected to be released this fall. What do you think of the Star Wars Bladbuilder set? Let us know in the comment section below.


Source: USA Today

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