Donald Glover is trending. Will he play Spider-Man?

donald glover spider-man

In light of the announcement that Spider-Man is heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans’ imaginations have been running wild with theories on how Spidey will be incorporated into the amazing crossover world Disney has created. Back when Sony rebooted Spider-Man with The Amazing Spider-Man films, there was an outcry for the casting of the uber-talented comedian/actor/rapper Donald Glover to dawn the web shooters. Although ultimately Andrew Garfield was cast, there was a nod to Donald Glover hidden on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man, and Donald also returned the love and wore Spider-Man pajamas in an episode of Community. Since then things went quiet until the bomb dropped yesterday, and almost immediately the hashtag #DonaldForSpiderman began trending.

donald glover andrew garfield spider-man

Given Marvel Comics’ more recent diversification of its marquee characters, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the MCU might decide to use this third reboot as a chance to better separate itself from the previous two series by casting a black Peter Parker. On the thought of separation from previous installments, it’s just as likely Marvel Studios might pursue a film version of the Miles Morales Spidey, who was voiced by Donald Glover in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

There is no doubt that Donald Glover has the talent to pull off a great Spider-Man. He has shown a full range of acting skill throughout his career. In fact through his music as Childish Gambino, he has shown that there isn’t much that he can’t do. My personal fear as a fan of both Donald and Spider-Man is that Mr. Gambino is very much an ‘artist’. He likes to do what he wants to do, and doesn’t like the idea of having a boss, and seems to get a little anxious when he is under pressure to do something that he doesn’t truly want to do. He is also in the middle of working on a potential series for FX that he is supposed to write and star in. Another thing to note is that Donald is 31 years old, although he can easily pull off the look of a teenager, the Grammy-nominated Childish Gambino is juggling a lot of different projects right now. It’s my biggest hope that the stars align and #DonaldForSpiderman becomes a reality, but unfortunately it looks like a long shot.

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