EA says Star Wars: Battlefront is on track for Christmas release


In a recent financial conference call with analysts and investors, EA mentions that Battlefront is slated for Holiday 2015 release. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean Christmas itself, just around that time, which puts it alongside the release of Episode 7. I think it’s a great idea and will help raise the hype for both the game and the movie.

Last but not least we got the Battlefront Star Wars title coming in before Christmas next year, aligned with the Star Wars movie. We’re extremely excited about that. We think there’s a huge potential for that title, more to come in the next couple of months on that, as more about the movie comes out, as well as more about our title comes out. You should consider that a very large activity for us next year. and a very large focus, similar to how we thought about Battlefield in the past.

As good as that all sounds, I’m hoping that EA doesn’t mess it up; for example, the release for Battlefield 4. There seems to be an awful lot of games starting to come out unfinished, which really leaves a bad taste for players. In any event, I’m still looking forward to the game and I do have confidence in DICE to deliver a solid product, as there is a lot to live up to with it.

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