FCC joins the fight for Net Neutrality


The digital cold war known as net neutrality has been a polarizing issue that has been boiling for many years. We have seen companies like Comcast and AT&T experiment with paid website prioritization, throttling websites that refuse to pay premiums, and in some cases straight up blocking what would be considered “lawful content and services.” Keyboard warriors, politicians, and major corporations have poked and prodded the boundaries of acceptability in net neutrality, but things are about to take a big turn as the Federal Communications Commission is ready to finish the fight.

The Chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, has gone public on Twitter with a streak of very bold messages expressing the FCC’s desire to keep the internet “Fair, Fast and open, and grounded in Title II authority.”

Essentially the FCC is attempting to regulate BOTH mobile and broadband internet providers as telecommunications services rather than the less regulated ‘Information’ services as it is currently seen. The internet will be regulated more closely to utility services. This is the first time the FCC has truly jumped out to become the face of net neutrality, with a proposition that will undoubtedly be fought tooth and nail by big business, and others who gain financially from the privatization of the internet.

This is a huge victory for Net Neutrality supporters, and a news story that will be one to watch in the coming months.

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