Beetlejuice to be a true sequel to the first film?


All right, who said it? Who called Beetlejuice?

Michael Keaton, star of the Tim Burton cult-classic film, Beetlejuice, has gone on the record about returning for a possible sequel. When talking to People Magazine, Keaton revealed he “hopes” to reunite with Burton for another Beetlejuice installment.

In recent months, Burton has revealed there is a screenplay in the works for a sequel for the 1988 horror-comedy. Moreover, Winona Ryder has raised the prospects of also working on the new installment.

According to screenwriter Grahame-Smith in a buried archive of The Hollywood Reporter, the Beetlejuice sequel is reportedly set to occur in a present-day timeframe, which would lead it to be a true continuation of the original movie… keeping it away from reboots and relaunches.

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