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It’s just a board. That’s what we tell ourselves. Yet, so many fear this wooden, sometimes cardboard, spirit board we call the Ouija board. The board game that named itself through a seance is now a horror movie playing on our fear. To celebrate the release of the Ouija‘s Blu-ray and DVD, Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, and Hasbro have decided to treat the press to a night to remember.

IMG_9574To start things off, we met in the first last place the Black Dahlia was seen, Boardner’s by La Belle. Part Old Hollywood glam and part horror location, this bar comes complete with a singing ghost! This was the perfect setting for a night of horror-inspired fun.

We teamed up for a scavenger hunt of macabre origins, followed by a history lesson about the Ouija board with a live demonstration of how the spirit board works. But the real focus was the film itself.

Now, if you’re looking for light-hearted horror flick, this is definitely the one you should pick up. It follows a group of teens who are forced to fight a ghost after one of their friends dies and awakens a dark spirit. The film stars newcomers Olivia Cooke and Daren Kagsoff, as well as a familiar face from the 1989 cult film Teen Witch, Robyn Lively.

Let’s face it, sometimes you need a good popcorn ‘creep fest,’ and that is what you’ll get with Ouija. With Friday the 13th coming soon, Ouija is the perfect movie for your own seance party.

Ouija comes out in Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow (February 3rd)!

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