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CD Projekt Red just held a private event in San Francisco where they were showing off their latest build of The Witcher 3 : The Wild Hunt. I got about 3 hours of pure hands-on gameplay starting right from the opening cutscene, which served as a quick explanation of what state the world is currently in and just an inkling of what I could expect in the hours to come.

I will start off with the visuals as this will be the first in the Witcher franchise to come to our newest generation of consoles. This game looked fantastic from the opening cinematics to the visceral combat, and even the up-close and personal conversations with several NPCs that made me feel like I was watching an episode of Game of Thrones. All of the characters in the game feel so real they convey their emotions through intelligent writing, and every character had their own sense of motivation and life inside of them that was steering them in the direction they needed to go.

Everything I saw in the game had amazing detail, from interior of the building in Geralt’s starting location to the massive landscape when I went out on the balcony to catch a glimpse of what the world might hold. I looked at the map I was at amd thought that this was the size of the world; however after speaking with developer, he let me know that this was only a small portion of the map. All I could think was that this game is going to be massive.

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I played Witcher 2 mostly on the Xbox 360, so the next thing I noticed was how great the game felt. It moves much smoother than previous Witcher games, most likely due to the increased power on the Xbox One. Each movement felt as natural as every other one prior, from the swing of my swords to the casting of my signs. It all felt very intuitive and would do exactly what I wanted. If I was hit in combat or missed a swing, it was due to a mistimed input.

The horse riding in the game is very akin to Red Dead Redemption, where holding the A button allows you to maintain pace and follow the trail that you are currently on. The world is full of life. Each character I spoke to came to life with unique voices which I imagine will repeat at one point or another in the game, but none did in the first 3 hours of my time. Many of the denizens of the world offered optional missions related to either the state of the world or their own personal back stories; one I took was as simple retrieving mission with a frying pan for an old lady who could not afford to replace the one she had lent to a stranger a few days prior. Another had me slaying a “Noonwraith” which was a ghost that had began haunting a village so that a father could retrieve fresh water from a well for his very ill daughter.

The Witcher 3 is set to be the biggest game in the franchise, yet with around 200 hours of gameplay, ranging from story quests, side missions, along with the tons of lore, and very addicting card game, it all seems like ways for you to lose yourself in this game. The Wild Hunt begins May 19th.

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