Review: Mythbusters 10th Anniversary Collection

91yZONgBISL._SY606_Any television show that can educate and entertain simultaneously I am on board with. Discovery’s Mythbusters has been one of the best at this concept over the past 10 years, so I was excited to get a sneak peekĀ at the soon-to-be-released 10th Anniversary Collection.

Each of the five hosts picked their favorite 10 episodes, and I have to agree with most of their picks (my Trekkie-self is missing the Gorn Canon episode though). For anyone who enjoys the program but doesn’t find it necessary to own the entire show, this collection is for you. 50 episodes equates to over 35 hours of only the best and most interesting episodes. 125 myths tested, to be exact, some of which you are bound to have forgotten about over the course of the show’s run thus far.

Any fan will be satisfied with the episodes chosen for this collection. Some of the myths include valuable life skills, like the episode Underwater Car, in which Adam and Jamie demonstrate how to escape from a car submerged in water. On a later episode, Adam talked about how a viewer saved his own life by using the information he learned from watching that episode. Other episodes include busting rampant conspiracy theories, such as NASA Moon Landing, which challenges the idea that the U.S. didn’t really land on the moon. Spoiler alert: We totally did. Others are just a ridiculous amount of fun, like the Zombie Special, with an appearance from The Walking Dead‘s Michael Rooker. A zombie apocalypse will (probably?) never happen, but you’ll know what to do if there is. And then there’s the episodes where the hosts are just blowing stuff up. That’s most of them actually, but who doesn’t love a good explosion?

For those of you still mourning the departure of the Build Team of Kari, Tory, and Grant, this may well be one of the last pieces of merchandise including them. A sad reality. I already miss their presence and passion on the show.

This will probably apply to only a few who orders this collection. Can we talk about the packaging for a minute though? I know this should be more about the content of the collection, but I like my items to function properly and look neat. The box for this collection is a bit thicker than a normal case to accommodate the 10 discs within. The hubs that hold those discs are a tragedy. Mine arrived broken and the center disks now slide around inside the case. I am bothered by this. Maybe fix that design, guys. It’s not working out.

mythbustersThe Mythbusters 10th Anniversary Collection is available on Tuesday, January 13.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms


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