Anthony Mackie on becoming Captain America after ‘Civil War’


During an interview with Windy City Live, Anthony Mackie, who played Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, was asked about whether he’s going to one day take over as Captain America. In the comics, Sam Wilson becomes Captain America after Steve Rogers grows old due to losing his super serum powers. Fans have been speculating whether Rogers would pass on the mantle to Bucky, aka The Winter Soldier, during or after Captain America: The Civil War.

“Well, you know there are many incarnations in the comic book, and we are now going into the Civil War,” said Mackie. “So, if you look at it in the comic book, Cap gives Bucky the shield, Bucky gives it back to Cap, Cap gives it to [Sam Wilson]. Then Bucky goes off and marries Black Widow, so I keep the shield… give it back to Cap, and recently Cap wanted to be old, so he gave me the shield back and now I got the Shield; I’m not giving it back.”

Of course, Mackie was just teasing them…or was he?

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6, 2016. It will be directed by the Russo brothers.

Check it out at the 4-minute mark.

Source: Windy City Live

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