Scarlett Johansson will star in Ghost in the Shell

scarlett johansson ghost in the shell major kusanagi

It was reported before that Scarlett Johansson was in talks to play the lead role in the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie from Dreamworks. Now we have news from Variety that she has officially signed on.

The anime film of the same name was a pioneer during its time that brought in many non-anime fans into the world of anime. It was based on the manga by Shirow Masamune, who also created Appleseed.

In the manga and anime, Major Kusanagi is a cyborg leader of Section 9, a group dedicated to stopping cybercrime and cyberterrorism. Her teammates have augmented parts, but she has a full robotic body that allows her enhanced strength and combat skills.

Margot Robbie was previously reported to star in the film, but she signed on to play Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

Rupert Sander (Snow White and the Huntsman) is attached to direct.

I know many fans will be upset with this news, since they wanted to see an actual Japanese actress to play the Major. With Johansson playing the lead role, it’s highly likely that the Major’s last name, Kusanagi, will be changed for easier consumption for the Western audience.

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