North Korea may not have been involved in the Sony hack


The FBI is very sure that North Korea is involved in the hacking of Sony Pictures. However, there’s new info that would say otherwise. Word on the Internet streets is that a former employee decided to get back at the company.

According to Politico, the hack was made possible by a disgruntled employee teaming up with a hacker group that revealed sensitive material from Sony Pictures.

Norse, a cyber intelligence company, started an investigation of its own and has concluded that the FBI made a quick accusation. Kurt Stammberger, Norse’s senior vice president of market development, said:

When the FBI made the announcement so soon after the initial hack was unveiled, everyone in the [cyber] intelligence community kind of raised their eyebrows at it, because it’s really hard to pin this on anyone within days of the attack.”

To make things even more interesting, the Taia Global firm’s analysis has revealed that the language used by the hackers is Russian.

Could it be that an ex-employee teamed up with Russian hackers? Maybe North Korea and Russia teamed up to orchestrate the attack? There are some out there who believes that Sony was behind the whole thing just so that the movie can be released in limited theaters. What do you think?

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