5 movies in 2014 that are under the radar

2014 was a fantastic year for movies, but there are some that went under the radar. If you haven’t heard of the next few films, then please do yourself a favor and watch them! They may not be about superheroes or fighting aliens, but they’re pretty good regardless! To me, at least. I mean hey – if these don’t tickle your fancy then by all means. Anyway, let’s get started.


First on my list is The Birder’s Guide to Everything. I stumbled across this film on TV a few months ago, and my grandma actually recommended me to watch it. It’s about a young boy, Kodi, whose mother, a semi well known bird watcher, passes away. His father decides to get remarried and Kodi isn’t quite ready to move on just yet. Kodi and his friends discover that an extinct bird may not actually be extinct, and they go on a journey to discover it – without telling his parents. In between all of this, he struggles with his father’s new marriage and growing up.  Yeah yeah yeah, it sounds mega boring. That’s what I thought as well. But after watching this, I couldn’t get enough. It was extremely well done, and the story was beautiful.


Next up is Locke. Directed by Steven Knight, it’s a 90-minute film about a man struggling with his wife, children, and the woman he got pregnant. The entire movie takes place in his car on the way to the hospital so that he can see the birth of his child from another girl. Tom Hardy plays the main character, and my oh my does he give the performance of a lifetime. He’s confident in his acting which honestly sells the entire thing. If you have not yet seen these, please do.


Third is The Nymphomaniac. (Von Trier’s most famous film is probably Antichrist.) This brilliant movie should take its place. Yes, I know Shia Lebouf is the main character. It’s okay, I swear. Because he isn’t too bad in it. The film is about Seligman, who saves a beat woman he finds in an alley somewhere. After he brings her home to aid her, Joe – the nymphomaniac and main character – tells him all about her sex life and her relationships with hundreds of men. She explains why she continues on with this life and why she enjoys it.  My description speaks for itself, and if you’re a sucker for good conversations and interested in the life of such a person, then go buy the movie, I DARE YOU.


Second to last is The Book of Life. You’ve probably seen trailers for this, but I’m surprised it didn’t get as much hype as it should have. Firstly, it was produced by Guillermo del Toro, so if that isn’t enough to motivate you to watch it, then I don’t what is. Mary Beth tells a group of children a story about a love triangle between three children. La Muerta, who watches over the land of the remembered, and Xibalba, who rules the land of the forgotten, bet on this love triangle. The cast includes people like Zoe Saldana, Channing Tatum, and Diego Luna. The animation is different from usual, and all of the characters are wooden characters. When we take a dip into the after life, the designs get even more complex and gorgeous. You should for sure watch it, especially if you like animations. Oh, and stories about the dead.


Lastly, and my absolute favorite is Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart. Oh. My. Goodness. This film, is absolutely amazing. Caution: it’s going to be difficult for me to put into words, so bear with me. The dark animation is about a boy named Jack who was a still born baby. A witch, who helps Jack’s mother give birth, fixes him and brings him back to life with a clock for a heart. Because Jack’s heart isn’t a real one, his biggest rule is to not fall in love. So obviously, he does – with a young girl named Acacia. Little Miss Acacia has a hard time seeing, and after she meets Jack for the first time, she moves to another country. Throughout the rest of the film, we follow Jack on his journey to find her once again, and get a chance to meet all of his friends he makes on the way. It’s originally a French film, but my goodness is it beautiful. The animation has sort of a Tim Burton feel to it, but that’s mostly because it’s a dark kind of movie. Also, it’s a musical. Which I adore, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You should attempt to watch it anyways, because ugh.

Well that concludes my list of 2014 movies, and I hope you have the chance to watch some of them. Bring on 2015! It’s going to be an extraordinary year for films.

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