Terminator Genisys paradox explained – sort of

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When we first saw the trailer for Terminator Genisys, everyone was a bit confused when Kyle Reese was sent back and Sarah Connor was already a badass machine killer. It was pretty confusing that an old Arnold Schwarzenegger was fighting a young CGI Arnold. We were explained that a T-800 Terminator (young Arnold) was sent back to Sarah Connor as a child to protect and train her for the Resistance. His outer skin grew old and that’s why we have older Arnold. Kyle Reese went back in time but in a paradox apparently. It’s all really confusing because of time traveling and all the possible paradoxes.

So Auralnauts created their own fan trailer that explains the paradox in a humorous way using footage from the Terminator Genisys trailer, the previous Terminator movies, and [I think from] a scene from Schwarzenegger’s True Lies.

Favorite line from the fan trailer: Sarah Connor:”Dude, stop trying to have sex with me.”

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